Rental Assistance

Owners at Tower Plaza who wish to put up their condos for rent will find that the rental market here is exceptionally strong – and that's true whether the national and regional economies are booming, sideways, or in the doldrums.

The reasons are simple: location, location, location.

Tower Plaza is just one block from the University of Michigan's Central Campus. With literally tens of thousands of students so close at hand, our rental units remain occupied pretty much all the time. 

Plus, we're in the midst of Ann Arbor’s vibrant downtown. It's a neighborhood filled with distinctive shops, excellent restaurants, and world-class cultural attractions. This adds even more luster to Tower Plaza’s shine as a premier rental property. 


If you're a Tower Plaza owner interested in renting your Tower Plaza condo to students, visiting academics, professionals, retirees, or others, you may list your unit in the "Now Available to Rent" section of this website. It's easy to do. Just email a description of your condo, along with whatever photos of your condo you'd like to include, to our Website Administrator at YWF0b3dlcnBsYXphQGdtYWlsLmNvbQ==


You may also wish to consider listing your condo for rent on the University of Michigan Off-Campus Housing website. 


If you decide you would like some assistance in renting your apartments, one resource available to you is: Sean Kidd, Kramer-Triad Leasing Manager, 734-531-2115, c2tpZGRAa3JhbWVydHJpYWQuY29t or one of the realtors listed in our Brokers' Corner.

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Now Available to Rent 

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