Why Invest in a Tower Plaza Condo?

Tax Advantages

The tax effects of purchasing a Tower Plaza Condominium can vary considerably, depending upon the actual use of the property:

  • The property may be purchased for the taxpayer’s own use as an owner-occupied residence.
  • The property may be purchased as a vacation home or second residence for the owner or their family. The second home may be for personal use only, or it may be used for part of the year as a rental property subject to these conditions:
    1. Personal use is limited to 14 days per year or 10% of the total number of days the home is rented at fair-market rental rates. 
    2. If the second home is for both personal and rental use (over 14 days or 10%), the taxpayer must divide all expenses on the basis of the proportion of owner use days to rental days against the total combined days uses.
    3. The property may be purchased as a rental property, to be rented in an arms-length transaction at a fair-market rental rate. (It is normally felt that rental to a family member qualifies if the rental is based upon an arms-length transaction.)

Summary: Tax Deductibility of Costs

  Owner-Occupied Residence Vacation Home or Second Residence Rental Property
Property Taxes Deductible Deductible Deductible
Interest Deductible Deductible Deductible
Condominium Maintenance Fee Not Deductible Not Deductible Deductible
Improvements Add to Basis Add to Basis Depreciate
Repairs Not Deductible Not Deductible Deductible

Note: This information is intended as a simple guide to the potential tax advantages from ownership of a Tower Plaza Condominium. The information is subject to periodic review and revision, and is not guaranteed to be accurate at this or any time. To learn more about how these tax advantages may apply to you, please consult with your accountant or attorney.

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Grand One Bedroom:
3rd Floor & 19th Floor

Large One Bedrooms:
2nd Floor and 7th Floor

One Bedrooms:
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Grand Studio:
12th Floor

Large Studios:
7th Floor 

14th  Floor  

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Two Bedroom

22nd Floor

Grand Bedroom

4th Floor

Large One Bedroom

3rd Floor, 5th Floor, 12th Floor, 13th Floor,17th Floor, 19th Floor, and 23rd Floor

One Bedroom 

21st Floor, 23rd Floor, 24th Floor, and 26th Floor

Grand Studio

22nd Floor, 24th Floor, and 25th Floor

Large Studio Floor

10th Floor, 14th Floor, 15th Floor, 16th Floor, 20th Floor, and 24th Floor


2nd Floor, 3rd Floor, 8th Floor, 13th Floor, 19th Floor, 22nd Floor, and 24th Floor

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