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Academics and Professionals

Tower Plaza Condominium is just one block from the western edge of the University of Michigan’s Central Campus, in downtown Ann Arbor. It’s an ideal location not just for students, but also for U-M faculty, staff members, and returning alumni. 

All sorts of people live at Tower Plaza

Look to Tower Plaza too if you’re a graduate student, post-doc, or visiting academic planning to spend anywhere from a few months to a few years in the Ann Arbor area.

Tower Plaza’s proximity to the centers of Ann Arbor’s business and cultural communities make it an attractive home base for professional and creative people of all kinds.

Consider also that about 20 professional services providers – mainly therapists – have purchased Tower Plaza condos and operate their practices here. Our property’s prime location and range of floor-plan options – along with its privacy, quiet, comfort, and security – can make Tower Plaza the right site for your place of business as well.

Now Available to Buy

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24th Floor

Grand One Bedroom:
19th Floor

Large One Bedrooms:
2nd Floor, 5th Floor, and13th Floor

One Bedrooms:
17th Floor

Grand Studio:
None available at this time

Large Studios:
3rd Floor and 9th Floor 

23rd Floor  

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Now Available for Rent

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Two Bedroom

None available at this time

Grand Bedroom

21st Floor and 25th GFoor

Large One Bedroom

9th Floor,13th Floor, and 17th Floor

One Bedroom 

3rf Floor, 10th Floor, 17th Floor, 18 Floor,and 19th Floor

Grand Studio

None available at this time

Large Studio Floor

7th Floor,15th Floor, and 18th Floor


10th Floor, 20th Floor and 21st Floor

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