Why Invest in a Tower Plaza Condo?

Resale and Appreciation

Your investment in a Tower Plaza Condominium can yield significant ROI, even when times are tight. There’s a strong potential for appreciation. It can be the proverbial “buy low, sell high” scenario that practically all investors aim for. 

Although past performance doesn’t guarantee future appreciation, Tower Plaza owners have historically sold their units for considerably more than what they paid for them just a few years before. This has especially proven true in healthier economic times. But even in the declining real estate market of recent years, values at Tower Plaza have generally held up better than at other condominium properties in the Ann Arbor area. 

What’s behind Tower Plaza’s abiding investment value? One key can certainly be found in that other truism of the real estate industry: “location, location, location.”  With the many attractions of downtown Ann Arbor and the University of Michigan just steps from our front door, it’s little surprise that Tower Plaza continues to draw a steady stream of prospective new buyers and renters from year to year to year.

Plus, Tower Plaza is a unique property. There’s simply nothing else quite like it in Ann Arbor – not now or for the foreseeable future. While recent changes in zoning laws are allowing more tall structures in the area, the proposed buildings have invariably consisted of larger, multiple-bedroom units, and construction specifications have been of vastly inferior quality. You simply can’t build to the quality standards of Tower Plaza today.

Now Available to Buy

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Two Bedroom:
None available at this time

Grand One Bedroom:
None available at this time

Large One Bedrooms:
4th Floor, 11th Floor, 19th Floor, and 20th Floor

One Bedrooms:
5th Floor

Grand Studio:
9th Floor and 21st Floor

Large Studios:
16th Floor 

None available at this time

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Now Available for Rent

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Two Bedroom

None available at this time

Grand Bedroom

None available at this time

Large One Bedroom

4th Floor, 6th Floor, 9th Floor,17th Floor, 21st Floor, and 23rd Floor

One Bedroom 

3rd Floor, 6th Floor, 9th Floor, 22nd Floor, and 23rd Floor

Grand Studio

None avaiilable at thus time

Large Studio Floor

13th Floor


5th Floor, 12th Floor, and 17th Floor

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