Why Invest in a Tower Plaza Condo?

Advantages of Ownership

Like parents of college students on campuses across the country, you may find that owning, not renting, your student’s off-campus housing may be one of the smartest financial decisions you’ll ever make.

Tower Plaza Condominium gives you this opportunity. By purchasing a condo here for your University of Michigan student, you’ll build equity in a valuable piece of property, instead of simply pouring high monthly rental payments into a minimally equipped apartment or a room in an old home while your student is here in school.

There can be additional benefits of Tower Plaza co-ownership:

Now Available to Buy

8 units available...expand listings

24th Floor

Grand One Bedroom:
3rd Floor & 9th Floor

Large One Bedrooms:
2nd Floor and 5th Floor

One Bedrooms:
13h Floor

Grand Studio:
9th Floor

Large Studios:
None available at this time 

14th  Floor  

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Now Available for Rent

35 units available...expand listings

Two Bedroom

22nd Floor

Grand Bedroom

2nd Floor and 4th Floor

Large One Bedroom

3rd Floor, 5th Floor, 7th Floor, 12th Floor, 13th Floor,17th Floor, 19th Floor, and 23rd Floor

One Bedroom 

113th Floor, 16th Floor, 17th Floor, 18th Floor, 19th Floor, 21st Floor, 24th Floor, 25th Floor, and 26th Floor

Grand Studio

22nd Floor, 24th Floor, and 25th Floor

Large Studio Floor

14th Floor, 15th Floor, 16th Floor, 20th Floor, and 24th Floor


3rd Floor, 8th Floor, 9th Floor, 13th Floor, 19th Floor, 21st Floor, 22nd Floor, and 24th Floor

Full descriptions, price, pictures of available units. See details »