Where We Are and What’s Nearby

Get to Know Our Neighborhood

When you move into Tower Plaza Condominium, Ann Arbor’s many cultural, culinary, and commercial attractions – plus all that’s offered by the University of Michigan – will be close at hand. 

View from Tower Plaza to the north

Hundreds of unique shopping and delicious dining experiences will await you. Dozens of theaters, museums, and entertainment venues are just steps away. Some of the world’s largest libraries and best-stocked bookstores are nearby to expand your reading horizons, both current and classic. And that’s not to mention University of Michigan sports.

Don’t believe it? Just check out this map and guide to Tower Plaza’s neighborhood. For more detail, see a Google Map here »

Map of the area near Tower Plaza

Note too: Many neighborhood shops and restaurants offer money-saving specials to Tower Plaza residents. But you’ll need to live here to take advantage!

Now Available to Buy

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Two Bedroom:
None available at this time

Grand One Bedroom:
None available at this time

Large One Bedrooms:
2nd Floor, 7th Floor, 11thy Floor, and 20th Floor

One Bedrooms:
8th Floor

Grand Studio:
9th Floor, 12th Floor, and 21st Floor

Large Studios:
13th Floor 

14th  Floor  

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Now Available for Rent

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Two Bedroom

None available at this time

Grand Bedroom

4th Floor

Large One Bedroom

3rd Floor, 4th Floor, 9th Floor, 10th Floor, 12th Floor, 14th Floor, 17th Floor, and 23rd Floor

One Bedroom 

5th Floor, 20th Floor, 22nd Floor, 23rd Floor, 24th Floor, and 26th Floor

Grand Studio

10th Floor and 22nd Floor

Large Studio Floor

20th Floor


2nd Floor, 5th Floor, 7th Floor, 12th Floor, 17th Floor, 19th Floor, and 24th Floor

Full descriptions, price, pictures of available units. See details »