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Features and Amenities

There is simply nothing else like Tower Plaza Condominium. No other residential property in Ann Arbor offers you such a high-quality place to live, in such a high-profile building, and in such a highly convenient location. 

Choose from studio and one-bedroom condominiums. A range of sizes and floor plans gives you further options. Tower Plaza also has a limited number of custom-built two-bedroom units, which occasionally come up for purchase or rent.

As soon as you enter Tower Plaza, the tone of quality is set. Marble floors and brass, oak, and stone accents lend distinction to our lobby. Just off the lobby, our community lounge, with a TV and video player, is an inviting place to relax and socialize. 


Tower Plaza assures your privacy, quiet, safety, and security. With concrete floors and ten-inch masonry walls between our units, your condo is practically soundproof. This is perfect for both serious studying and comfortable living. We have a friendly, professional concierge on duty for your security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Television monitors in the parking lot and laundry room add to your safety.

Conveniences abound. Our complete, well-lit laundry room is open at all times of day and night. Full-time maintenance and cleaning staff keep the entire property tidy and operating smoothly. Our onsite property management service attends to your repair needs promptly.

The Tower Plaza Laundry room

What a view! Windows span the length of your Tower Plaza condo. You can look out over much of Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan campus, and the surrounding countryside. Views are especially sweeping from Tower Plaza’s upper floors.

Panoramic view to the north

Now Available to Buy

20 units available...expand listings

Two Bedroom:
None available at this time

Grand One Bedroom:
None available at this time

Large One Bedrooms:
4th Floor, 11th Floor, 19th Floor, and 20th Floor

One Bedrooms:
5th Floor

Grand Studio:
9th Floor and 21st Floor

Large Studios:
16th Floor 

None available at this time

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Now Available for Rent

16 units available...expand listings

Two Bedroom

None available at this time

Grand Bedroom

None available at this time

Large One Bedroom

4th Floor, 6th Floor, 9th Floor,17th Floor, 21st Floor, and 23rd Floor

One Bedroom 

3rd Floor, 6th Floor, 9th Floor, 22nd Floor, and 23rd Floor

Grand Studio

None avaiilable at thus time

Large Studio Floor

13th Floor


5th Floor, 12th Floor, and 17th Floor

Full descriptions, price, pictures of available units. See details »