Advantages of Renting

Why rent a condo at Tower Plaza? Simple: It's a great place to live.

Tower Plaza has been one of Ann Arbor’s premier residential properties for over 40 years. Since we opened our doors in 1969, Tower Plaza has reigned as Ann Arbor’s highest-profile housing. At 26 floors, we're the town’s tallest building.

Tower Plaza is private, quiet, comfortable, and secure. It's perfect for the serious student – undergraduate, graduate, or professional. 

But more than just students enjoy living here. With our exciting neighborhood, stunning views, and many features and conveniences, we're also an excellent rental choice for retirees, second-home owners, academics, professional services providers, and others.

Of course, as anyone who lives here knows, it's the three magic words in real estate – location, location, location – that truly seal the deal for Tower Plaza renters. We're just a block from the University of Michigan’s Central Campus, near the heart of Downtown Ann Arbor. Exceptional shopping, dining, sports, entertainment, and cultural attractions are just steps away. What better place to rent?

Now Available to Buy

9 units available...expand listings

None available at this time

Grand One Bedroom:
3rd Floor & 19th Floor

Large One Bedrooms:
2nd Floor and 7th Floor

One Bedrooms:
None available at this time

Grand Studio:
12th Floor

Large Studios:
7th Floor 

14th  Floor  

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Now Available for Rent

31 units available...expand listings

Two Bedroom

22nd Floor

Grand Bedroom

4th Floor

Large One Bedroom

3rd Floor, 5th Floor, 12th Floor, 13th Floor,17th Floor, 19th Floor, and 23rd Floor

One Bedroom 

21st Floor, 23rd Floor, 24th Floor, and 26th Floor

Grand Studio

22nd Floor, 24th Floor, and 25th Floor

Large Studio Floor

10th Floor, 14th Floor, 15th Floor, 16th Floor, 20th Floor, and 24th Floor


2nd Floor, 3rd Floor, 8th Floor, 13th Floor, 19th Floor, 22nd Floor, and 24th Floor

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